Silver Cord B&B
Trekking, Photo Safari, Horse Treks.
Scenic drives & boutique wineries tours.

Escape. Explore. Discover.



Escape: Off the beaten track, whilst at a relaxed pace.
Explore: The amazing rugged “Cordon del Plata” region & taste the wines of Mendoza’s boutique wineries.
Discover: The adventure you want along with great food & great wine.

Explore Mendoza’s hidden valleys, spectacular sightseeing experiences, guided treks & horseback riding in The Andes.

Be rewarded by panoramic views, breathtaking landscape by the regions mountainous terrain

Hike in Aconcagua Park, where the highest peak in The Americas gets its name 6962 m.a.s.l.

Relax & unwind, blue skies & sunny days, visiting areas known like, The Skyway, an iconic route that snakes through snow cap peaks, glimpsing at mountains between 2000 & 6800 m.a.s.l.

Silver Cord B&B is located at 2042 m.a.s.l., good accommodation, cosy, tranquil, transfer in & out. Homecooking, dining pleasures, great wine, personalized service in the heart of “Cordon del Plata”. The perfect place for a quick getaway within an hour from the city of Mendoza, you will forget the city ever existed.